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UCONN brings DIY air filter to White House


UConn Health Rallying Community to Stop Spread of COVID-19 December 29, 2021 | Kim Krieger – UConn Communications “COVID-19 transmits more easily in overcrowded and poorly ventilated places. To address this, UConn Health has united the UConn community to kick off an Indoor… Read More »UConn

elastomeric respirators

Elastomeric Respirators

What are Elastomeric Respirators?
They are tight fitting respirators made of synthetic or natural rubber material, can be
repeatedly used, disinfected, stored, and re-used.
• They are equipped with replaceable filter cartridges or flexible, disc or pancake-style filters,
which are not housed in a cartridge body.
• They may also have sealing surfaces and adjustable straps that accommodate a better fit.

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Webinar - Delta concerns of U.S. School reopenings and reducing airborne transmission

Expert forum: #DeltaSchoolsAirborne

A comprehensive crash course in COVID school safety!

Session 1: How is COVID-19 transmitted and how can we protect kids, teachers, staff, families? Dr. Kimberly Prather, Dr. Denise Dewald, Dr. Linsey Marr, Dr. Richard Corsi, David Elfstrom, Dr. Dustin Poppendieck, Jim Rosenthal, Dr. Robert “Chip” T. Schooley, Dr. Howard Taras, Ian Ricksecker

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The Professors’ FAQs on Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission

Written by scientists and engineers with many years of collective research experience related to indoor air quality, aerosol science, aerosol disease transmission, and engineered control systems for aerosols. 
Professors Linsey Marr, Shelly Miller, Kimberly Prather, Charles Haas, William Bahnfleth, Richard Corsi, Julian Tang, Hartmut Herrmann, Krystal Pollitt, Javier Ballester, Jose-Luis Jimenez

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