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CO2 monitors measure the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air, and can help determine if an indoor space is well ventilated.

Carbon dioxide levels reflect COVID-19 risk: Research confirms value of measuring carbon dioxide to estimate infection risk

“Infectious people exhale airborne viruses at the same time as they exhale carbon dioxide. That means CO2 can serve as a “proxy” for the number of viruses in the air.”

Portable CO2 meters could be used to help fight coronavirus transmission, experts say

“Even if you’re physically distancing and washing hands, COVID transmits in the air, so we need to make sure we have good indoor air quality,” says Ms Cole, who is also president-elect of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists.

Dr Prather discussing CO2 monitors to gauge ventilation and COVID risk

The CO2 monitor shown above is the Aranet4 home. You can find a coupon here.

It is important to choose a CO2 monitor with an NDIR sensor (Non-dispersive infrared sensors) as they are the most accurate for gauging ventilation.

Aim for under 600ppm to best mitigate COVID risk.

To help others gauge ventilation in public places, you can upload your co2 readings here.

Look for a CO2 monitor lending program through a library near you! Or start a program of your own! Check out CAVI – Community Access to Ventilation Information

In the news

USAToday: I took a CO2 detector on a flight: It showed me when I was most likely exposed to COVID

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