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Elastomeric Respirators

elastomeric respirators

What are Elastomeric Respirators?
They are tight fitting respirators made of synthetic or natural rubber material, can be
repeatedly used, disinfected, stored, and re-used.
• They are equipped with replaceable filter cartridges or flexible, disc or pancake-style filters,
which are not housed in a cartridge body.
• They may also have sealing surfaces and adjustable straps that accommodate a better fit.

Texas hospital uses Elastomeric Respirators to eliminate Health Care Worker infections

The Texas Center for Infectious Disease has been treating TB patients using reusable Elastomeric Respirators since 1996, and has not had a single health care worker test positive for TB. They use Honeywell North 7700 with P100 filters, which are 99.97% effective against airborne particles, even higher protection than an N95 respirator which blocks 95% of airborne particles. These respirators also protect the wearer from airborne SARS-CoV-2 particles and COVID 19, and save the hospital over $40,000 a year.
Full story here: San Antonio hospital could have an answer to the PPE crisis– elastomeric masks

Presentation: Elastomeric Respirators Effectiveness and Use

Informative slide show by Nicolas Smit

Presentation: Elastomeric Respirators Past, Present & Future

View / Download Presentation slides
by Nicolas Smit
September 23, 2021

download slides here

Elastomeric Respirator examples

Envo Mask
(kit with filters $79)
Very easy to speak through
Kits come with valve plug
3M 6000
(~$32 for kit with p100 filters)

exhalation valve filters $9
or cover with a surgical mask if needed
GVS Ellipse P100 with Source Control NIOSH Respirator
(no exhale valve)

($30 with filters)
Easy to speak through
Dentec Comfort-Air®Nx (black)
Dentec Comfort-Air®NxMD (white)

NIOSH approved
No exhale valve
Easy to speak through
N95 or P100 filters
manufacturer page:

to buy:
authorized distributors
US and Canada
Flo mask for kids
No exhale valve
Over 99.8% Viral Filtration Efficiency
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Compare more masks at
(thank you @sri_srikrishna)
Non-valved NIOSH approved

CDC’s list of Non-Valved, (i.e., no exhalation port) Particulate-Filtering Elastomeric Half Mask Respirators (NV EHMRs)
A few models of available Elastomeric Respirators

Who is wearing these?

Check out this thread for lots of great examples of people loving their respirators!

Health care workers

The FDA has promoted Elastomeric Respirators for health care personnel.

Health Care Workers (HCW) appreciate the benefits of better protection, at a way lower cost.

Elastomeric Respirators save money

This Elastomeric Respirator cost of ownership calculator can help calculate cost savings compared to disposable n95s.

Elastomeric Respirator cost of ownership calculator compares costs with disposable N95s

What is it like communicating in an Elastomeric Respirator?

Some models are easier than others. Many models are quite easy to be heard in, and you can also use amplification methods if speaking to a large classroom, for example, as you would in any large room or lecture hall. A thread here with some videos demonstrating speaking in various Elastomeric Respirators.

Webinar demonstrating various Elastomerics

Watch respirator experts and enthusiasts share their favorite elastomeric options, tips for different face shapes, sizes, and use scenarios.

In the news

NYTimes: A Clunky Mask May Be the Answer to Airborne Disease and N95 Waste

Experts say the U.S. government has unintentionally encouraged a dependency on imported masks by failing to promote elastomeric respirators, a reusable mask that is domestically produced.

See Masks page for more.

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Resources, links to buy, video review, tools for better fit, how to test for a good seal, and more!

elastomeric respirators
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