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The Professors’ FAQs on Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission

Written by scientists and engineers with many years of collective research experience related to indoor air quality, aerosol science, aerosol disease transmission, and engineered control systems for aerosols. 
Professors Linsey Marr, Shelly Miller, Kimberly Prather, Charles Haas, William Bahnfleth, Richard Corsi, Julian Tang, Hartmut Herrmann, Krystal Pollitt, Javier Ballester, Jose-Luis Jimenez

The contributors are active researchers investigating aerosol transmission of COVID-19 (see e.g. 1, 2, 3, and 4). Five of them were speakers at the recent Workshop on Airborne Transmission of COVID-19, organized by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the highest level scientific organization in the US). Three of them are members of a COVID-19 WHO expert group. Specifically, the writers of these FAQs include Professors :

Note: As of Aug 4th, 2021 this has not been updated with new information with the Delta variant.

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