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How to build a DIY air filter with a box fan, tape, and MERV13 filters – CorsiRosenthal Box

Printable diagram

How to build an air purifier - DIY air filter - CorsiRosenthal Box

QuickStart Diagram – How to build a DIY air purifier

Parts List

20 inch (standard size) Box fan

20x20x1 or 20x20x2 MERV 13 furnace filters (1, 2, 4 or 5 filter designs available)

Duct tape or packing tape

Instructional Videos

This Old House assembles a 4 filter air cleaner, using 20x20x2 MERV13 filters and a box fan. This video is cued up to start as they build, but start at the beginning for a very informative discussion of how the system works.