kids masks

How to find protective masks and respirators for children. Kids’ disposable and reusable options available. Check out the video review testing various brands!

Disposable Masks / Respirators for kids

Where to buy kids masks: a great thread with lots of links for different sizes. Aaron Collins tests these masks for filtration and fit himself. (see video)

Links to masks from above tweet thread

Ages 2-4Bio – You and I Toddler Size –
Ages 2.5-4.5GoodDay Happylife XS –
Ages 3.5-7Bluna Kid’s
Bluna Kid’s
Blue 3D Tiger
Posh Printed Designs – Small –
BOTN Size Small –
Birdy Mask – Not KF94 approved yet but tested by
Ages 7-11+HappyLife GoodDay Youth
Ages 7-11+
(cont, these are a bit bigger)
BOTN Medium
(getting into adult mediums)
Dr.Puri KF94 Mask Medium
all sizes
(small fits about 6-10)
Dr. Puri manufacturer
additional options
Lutema M95c (@masknerd)

Big thread here with lots of recommendations in comments:

Video and spreadsheet reviewing kids masks of various brands and sizes:

Small respirators / masks from vetted project n95

Project n95 is a trusted source for vetted PPE. Link to small sized masks and respirators, check with them on what size faces these will fit best.

Armbrust USA

High quality American made surgical masks for kids, in orange, red, blue, and pink.

armbrust kids surgical masks

“Our Pediatric Medical Masks are constructed using N95-level filtration, made from raw virgin polypropylene to block 99.2% of bacteria and particles down to 0.1 microns. And, our masks feature our proprietary Electrostatic Armor Meltblown filtration within the inner layer for the utmost protection available.”

Pair with a mask brace for great protection!

Mask Fitter – Badger seal

badger seal mask fitter

Adding the Badger Seal to a 3-ply disposable mask reduces the effective particle penetration by typically 15x. DIY instructions here can be customized for smaller faces.

Reusable Masks / Respirators for kids

Elastomeric respirator for kids
NIOSH n95, v-fold style comes in small size, fits children
with or without exhalation valves
silicone seal molds to face
Meets NIOSH N95, and EU143 and EU159 FFP2 standards
In white or many colors available
Reusable, Heat disinfectable
Ear loops or head straps
Small size can fit children (sizing)
strapless, adhesive NIOSH certified N95
optional integrated eye shield
METAL FREE – MRI friendly
great for haircuts
small size fits kids
Happy mask
reusable masks

Kids masks / respirators in Canada (on pre-order as of Aug 11, 2021)

CAPPEM tweet re child sized masks

Looking for masks / respirators for adults?

Visit our masks page for how to choose, and some reputable sources to find adult masks, respirators, including Elastomeric Respirators (reusable, comfortable, and money saving!)

Amazon mask reviews

Armbrust bought every mask on Amazon and tested them.

more updates to come…

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