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Resources, links to buy, video review, tools for better fit, how to test for a good seal, and more!

Note: We have no financial ties to any of these masks, we just want to help you be protected. We gathered the best information we could find to share with you and your loved ones here.

Start here:

Masks4All has an extensive FAQ page here
They include TONS of resources, including how to avoid fakes, tips for how to choose and wear a better mask, and more! It is a great page to start with.

*note: some pages on this site focus on homemade masks that were needed when there was a shortage of PPE. As of this writing, there is no longer a shortage.

Types of Masks – with great demo video

Note: as of this writing (sept 2021) these is no shortage of N95s / elastomeric respirators

Video: Dr. McDonald: Fit, Filter and Function of masks
(follow Dr McDonald on twitter)

Dr Jennifer McDonald demonstrates the spectrum of masks, accessories, and seal test procedure.
*note: envo kit now comes with an valve plug for optional filtered exhalations, and we think it’s a very fashionable mask.

Disposable mask review by @MaskNerd

Adult KF94, KN95 masks

Adult KF Masks – 5:12
Bluna FaceFit
MaskLab FFP2
colorful designs available
CleanTop Evergreen
BOTN Medium
Dr. Puri Medium
BOTN Black Large
LG Airwasher Style Black
Adult KN Style Masks – 10:43
Powecom Black
Arun External Nose Clip
3M 9502+
3M 9502+
Links to order masks from the @MaskNerd video above

N95 masks

strapless, adhesive NIOSH certified N95
optional integrated eye shield
METAL FREE – MRI friendly
great for haircuts
small size fits kids
3M VFlex 9105 or 9015s
3m Vflex
NIOSH approved N95
Extremely breathable, even for singing in!
Comes in regular (9015) and smaller size (9105s)
Often found for less than $1 each
3M Aura 9205
NIOSH approved N95
Fits a wide variety of faces

Passed N95 pre-certification tests
Pursuing NIOSH certification
In white or many colors available
Reusable, Heat disinfectable
Ear loops or head straps
Small size can fit some children (sizing)
NIOSH n95, cup or v-fold styles
with or without exhalation valves
silicone seal molds to face
comes in sizes, small fits children
American made mask
sampler kit
Find the mask that fits YOUR face the best
without having to buy a pack of everything out there!
Support American made masks to ensure a future domestic supply.
see “Where to buy” below for more

Where to buy

Project N95 is a national non profit focused on providing vetted masks, respirators, home-testing equipment and more. Protectly is a grassroots firm, founded by a tight-knit team based in Portland, OR. Veterans in sourcing and distribution, they source high-quality and reliable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for less.

American Mask Manufacturers Association A list of American mask manufacturers, linking to their individual websites.

Canadian Association of PPE ManufacturersA list of Canadian PPE manufacturers, linking to their individual websites
(On twitter

Canada Strong Masks
(On twitter

Kids’ Masks see our page dedicated to protective masks for children.

Elastomeric Respirators are featured below, with more information here.

Improve fit of surgical masks

A good seal is critical to ensuring air flows through the filtering material, and not into the gaps around the edges.

Mask Fitter – Badger seal

badger seal mask fitter

Adding the Badger Seal to a 3-ply disposable mask reduces the effective particle penetration by typically 15x. DIY instructions here can be customized with head elastic, double elastic, or ear loops.

Open source design from UW Maker space

Mask brace – FixTheMask

FixTheMask mask brace

How does it create a good fit?

Patent pending Nose Cushions apply light pressure across your cheeks instead of placing it all directly on your nose. It’s the key difference between our flat rubber sheet template and the Essential Mask Brace, and truly changes the game.

There’s also a DIY option you can cut from a rubber sheet with scissors.

Mask fitter review

(see @masknerd Aaron Collins’ YouTube channel for extensive mask reviews)

Video review of mask fitters by MaskNerd Aaron Collins

Masks and Respirators

Home Depot offers a great guide to respirator masks here.
Remember that COVID is Airborne, so you want N95 or equivalent. (or surgical with brace as above)


Elastomeric Respirator examples

Envo Mask
(kit with filters $79)
Very easy to speak through
Kits come with valve plug
3M 6000
(~$32 for kit with p100 filters)

exhalation valve filters $9
or cover with a surgical mask if needed
GVS Ellipse P100 with Source Control NIOSH Respirator
(no exhale valve)

($30 with filters)
Easy to speak through
Dentec Comfort-Air®Nx (black)
Dentec Comfort-Air®NxMD (white)

NIOSH approved
No exhale valve
Easy to speak through
N95 or P100 filters
manufacturer page:

to buy:
authorized distributors
US and Canada
Flo mask for kids
No exhale valve
Over 99.8% Viral Filtration Efficiency
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is
Compare more masks at
(thank you @sri_srikrishna)
Non-valved NIOSH approved

CDC’s list of Non-Valved, (i.e., no exhalation port) Particulate-Filtering Elastomeric Half Mask Respirators (NV EHMRs)
A few models of available Elastomeric Respirators

Please visit our more detailed page about Elastomeric Respirators for more information.

Clear panel masks

Savewo Smile
email for US orders

clear panel masks / respirators

How to wear – user seal check

If you have an N95, be sure to watch this video below so you have better idea about how to use it. We recommend you print out this short guide on how to do a user seal check.

Here’s a video from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) on how to do a user seal check (different from a fit test):

Home Depot offers this visual guide to help users understand how to wear a respirator and do a seal check.

how to wear a respirator and do a seal check

More examples of respirators

Take a look at some real photos of real people loving the protection of their respirators!

Do NOT take your mask off indoors

Dr Denise Dewald reminds us not to take masks off indoors, even if there is no one else around, because the virus persists in the air.

In the news

Why We Need to Upgrade Our Face Masks—and Where to Get Them

Experts say the U.S. government has unintentionally encouraged a dependency on imported masks by failing to promote elastomeric respirators, a reusable mask that is domestically produced.

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Resources, links to buy, video review, tools for better fit, how to test for a good seal, and more! …

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