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Type of Fan

    The Corsi/Rosenthal Box is based on a 20″ x 20″ box fan.  This is because the size perfectly matches with 20″x20″ filters. Some countries have no box fans. Round fans have been used to build the Corsi/Rosenthal Box. 20″ Box… Read More »Type of Fan

    Type of Tape

      Any type of duct tape is recommended. Keep in mind that you can use the duct tape color to accessorize your DIY Air Cleaner. Please see the Gallery for lots of creative fun ideas.

      Type of Filters

        20″x20″x1″ or 20″x20″x2″ MERV 13 filters are recommended. MERV 13-A filters are available here.  Why 13-A? Because they are top of the line. If MERV 13-A filters are not available, the next filters recommended are MERV 13 filters from 3M . … Read More »Type of Filters