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old1 Filter Build – aka single filter strapped to the back of a box fan.

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    The single filter version did very well vs commercial air cleaners.

    Here’s what the final build can look like with judicious use of duct tape. Pretty, pretty sharp:

    Here are the actual measurements:

    Actual Build

     Here’s the actual build from the above Twitter thread. 

    Here’s a more simple, slightly less effective single filter build by aerosol scientist, Dr. Huffman.

    And here’s a single filter build, but with a 4″ filter.  It should be very close to the 4 filter Corsi/Rosenthal Box in performance.

    No matter which build you do – make sure you put a shroud on the front of the fan to enhance efficiency.

    With the single filter build, if you have 3 of them – you are going to have great results – over 6 ACH in a classroom:

    One last option shown below

     Won’t be as good – but something is better than nothing!

    You could make that something even better by replacing the MERV 10 filter it comes with, with a MERV 13-A filter.

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