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5 Filter Build – The Original Corsi/Rosethal Box where the top is a fan, and bottom is a filter.

    End goal:

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    Build time!

    Tape the boxes together- very important to point the arrows on the edges of the filters, inwards.

    Tape the fan to the front, windy-side out.

    Make sure there aren’t any seams where air can get through. The idea is that the fan pulls the air through the filters.

    Next, we are going to make a fan shroud. Directions here.

    With the shroud done, you need some clearance under it. See below…see how the box is off of the ground?

    “These are 20” strips cut from “pallet” protectors. But any reasonably sturdy material will work. The completed box is very light.”

    So, try folding some cardboard in 1/2 to make a triangle, or cut a 1″x1″ board to fit.

    The clearance is great below this build – though it would be best to have the fan on top pointing up.  With the fan pointing down, there’s more of a chance of dried respiratory aerosols being blown back up into the air.

    This build is terrific because it’s build on casters!!!!  With school colors for the tape!

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