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But my lungs are tough!   (A quick discussion of how much work your lus do )

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    Sure, they are.  They have to be to enable you to breathe.  But – if you catch CoVid, you literally drown in the mucus created in your lungs.

    Speaking of drowning – your lungs process over 2,000 gallons of air, per day.  That’s a swimming pool of air.  

    How many respiratory aerosols could be in that?

    Very rough math (sorry)…if a respiratory aerosol is 5 microns, that would be 1.51416e+18 aerosols processed.  1,514,160,000,000,000,000.

    Potentially, 1.5 quintillion 5 micron aerosols.  

    Your lungs handle all of that. How big are they? One of the largest organs in your body.  Not as big as your skin which can be cleaned with hand sanitizer, but close.  About the size of a tennis court if laid out flat.

    Your lungs have 1,500 MILES of airways in them – imagine driving from Chicago to Las Vegas.  Now – think….if even as little as 1 SARS-COV-2 virion landed on that roadway, you could get CoVid. 

    The true amount of inoculum (amount required to get you infected) is unknown, but – you get our point. 

    You use those lungs to breathe 14 times per minute – over 17,000 breaths per day.  And with Delta?  Only takes one breath.

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