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How do I dispose of the filters?

    Put on your N100 elastomeric respirator (more comfortable than N95). Does not have to be N100 – just better masks work…better.

    Carefully, pick up the Corsi/Rosenthal box and gently take it outside.

    Carefully cut the filters apart, gently peel it back to get the fan off.

    Separate the filters and gently place in a garbage bag.  Do not just shove them in as they might have virus in them and don’t want the garbage bag blowing the virus back on you. 

     Tie the bag tight.  Toss into garbage.

    Make new box!

     Why not spray disinfectant on it?  

     Because by the time the garbage bag degrades the virus will have been inactivated.

    But – this was for the original WT strain of SARS-COV-2.  Who knows what it might be for Delta.

    Here are two estimates that indicate the filter environment (moving air, etc) might lead to quicker inactivation.

    Since we don’t know 100% either way, just be careful.

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