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    Before reading any farther, even with 2 or 3 portable air cleaners in your space, everyone must wear a mask (more on masks, kids’ masks and reusable elastomeric respirators).

    Like getting closer to a cigarette smoker, respiratory aerosols get thicker in concentration as you get closer to people. We give off respiratory aerosols when we breathe, talk, yell, laugh, and sing.

    Regarding lunch and breaks – of course masks come off, so the risk goes up. Here are many ideas on how to handle those times.


    You are probably interested in the DIY Air Cleaner known as the Corsi/Rosenthal Box. Conceived by Dr. Corsi, then built by Jim Rosenthal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air Relief Technologies, Inc. and past president of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA).

    To be crystal clear about appearances of Conflict of Interest, this website is put together by Citizen Scientists who have been learning about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) from the multitude of IAQ experts, engineers, and scientists on Twitter, amongst other places.

    While Dr. Corsi and Jim Rosenthal are referred to, and cited frequently, that same information has been either vetted by other IAQ experts or obtained from them separately.


    These FAQ’s are divided into sections.

    • Build – everything necessary just to get building.
    • “Not sure” – the FAQ’s that dive into why reducing the amount of SARS-COV-2 laden aerosols are important. And whether or not portable air cleaners do that – especially the Corsi/Rosenthal Box.
    • Implementation – important details on how to use – like where to place it in the room.
    • Safety – addresses safety concerns of all sorts.
    • General Questions – addresses most everything not in the above categores.
    • Countries – not all countries have the same materials as in the US.
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